Adamo is Macbook Air Challenger Says Dell

Settling the rising tides of rumours across the blogosphere about the launch of an ultra-slim laptop, “Adamo” from Dell, the company has now officially confirmed the launch.

Though the PC maker has already introduced a website for promoting the laptop, it has been quiet over its launch, except for saying that it is ‘Coming Soon’ on its website.

The details of the product were leaked by luxury lifestyle blog UptownLife, which had been paid for the inclusion of the images related to the product, a fact confirmed by a Dell spokesman Bob Kaufman; however, the spokesman further asserted that the text related to the product was developed by the UptownLife itself.

Kaufman further avowed that the advert was placed to “wake up the personal computing category and create some buzz”, which have made the market analysts to compare it with Apple’s Macbook Air. According to the rumours, Dell is all set to launch Macbook Air rival in the guise of its new “Adamo” ultra portable notebook.

In addition, Dell has also leaked information about the accessories for the product named Adamo 13, which could point towards a 13-inch laptop from the company.

Dell hasn’t revealed the specs of the product, and neither had it uttered a word about its competition with Macbook Air, but the adverts showed that the notebook will be available very soon.

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Our comments

Can Dell's Adamo match Apple's pizzazz? We doubt it. Dell's designs are more practical rather than revolutionary. Adamo will need to be exceptionally good not only in terms of hardware but most importantly designwise, to woo Macbook Air proponents.

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