Gainward Rampage700 Golden Sample – HD 4870 X2 On Steroids

Even though Gainward has been doing ATI based graphics cards for a while now, it still feels weird having a Gainward graphics card in our test system followed by installing the Catalyst driver suite.

Today we’re looking at a HD 4870 X2 from Gainward which carries those two words we love to see; Golden and Sample. What has Gainward done to make the card so special? -We will find that out in just a minute.

Gainward actually has two Golden Sample HD 4870 X2s currently available; the first is the one we have today which carries with it a slight overclock and the other is the GLH or "Goes Like Hell" Edition which carries an even higher overclock.

Let’s firstly have a look at what exactly we have going on with the package of the Gainward HD 4870 X2 before moving on to a closer look at the card and how well it performs.

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