Rumour Mill : iPhone Nano First Pictures?

Pictures of what look like the new iPhone, unofficially known as the iPhone Nano, have emerged on the web as a debate rages as to whether they are real or not.

Speculations about the device have flared up as the picture of iPhone Nano cases appeared on the web; in addition the pictures showed that, XSKN, iPhone case manufacturer has designed an entire line-up for the iPhone Nano cases, all designed for the whispered device, which is said to be available in a variety of colours.

According to the website these cases will be priced around USD 25, and will be available in a slew of colours in addition to black. Dubbed as “Concept Design”, the pictures have been sent in to Macrumours, and clearly indicated a smaller version of the iPhone device.

Nano wouldn’t be a new terminology for Apple, as it already has iPod portable music players available with the same version; however, it will be interesting to see if Apple uses the same terminology for its new range of iPhone.

Incidentally, market analysts have long been asserting that Apple would have to introduce a smaller and cheaper version of its iPhone, in order to turn out even bigger in budget mobile phone market. As Macworld usually takes place in January, the mystery surrounding another version iPhone will soon be uncovered.

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Our Comments

The iPhone nano doesn't really make sense to us simply because the savings over a regular priced iPhone are not significant enough to warrant the need for a new form factor. But we could be wrong and there might be something else in Apple's equation. More om that as the story unfolds.

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