Tech Corporations Behind Open Source Success

Involvement of some of the largest IT behemoths, including the likes of Microsoft and IBM, has stimulated the utility of ‘open source’ software in developing commercial products, a recent study has claimed.

A recent study from the analyst firm Saugatuck Technology, has suggested that the scope of open source software extended beyond project-based and developer driven applications, and it is widely being embraced by modern vendors and their software.

Owing to its remarkable capabilities, such as lower costs and speedier development times, a majority of contemporary software vendors have started using open source platform for developing their products, showing a huge impact of big players, like Microsoft, IBM, and SAP, on online developer communities.

Bruce Guptill, report’s co-author and Saugatuck’s managing director, said that open source has changed its form considerably over a past few years.

Mentioning the growing usage of open source in modern business environs, Bruce said in a statement, “Open source’s rampant commercialisation has accelerated its adoption and change well beyond what most IT executives and software industry executive ever perceived or predicted”.

Though some businesses are sceptical over the increased commercialisation of open source, the enhanced use by some of the key players clearly depicts that the open source model has remarkable potential in boosting the productivity of modern organisations, the report added.

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Our Comments

Just like the unlikely partnership between China and the US, there is a surreal symbiosis between the open source movement and big corporations as pointed out by the report. Surprisingly, even Microsoft, whose CEO once said that Linux was a cancer (that was back in 2001), has its open source venture called Codeplex.

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