More data centre capacity for Christmas Please!

Monday 8th December was reported as being the biggest online shopping day in Britain this year, with sales up on the comparable day last year to £320 million.

This is some simply astonishing growth in a time of recession and economic downturn, with an estimated 18 per cent rise in sales volume compared to the same time last year.

The continuing rise of the internet, along with email and other electronic documents and communication, are obvious to all, with positive growth indicating that the trend is set to continue. For the data centre industry however, a completely new challenge must be considered … every single credit card transaction that is made needs storage – not just once, but many times!

So, where does this leave data centres? Existing data centres will need to be aware of this today and to plan for upgrade of power and supporting plant. The requirement to store more and more data is rising exponentially and more storage means more power, more space and more computing to manage it.

We estimate that at least 75% of existing data centres are running on hardware that will be redundant or illegal by 2015. Data centres must start planning for this now.

There is of course another possibility. If we’ve been good this year, maybe come Christmas Day Saint Nick may bring us all some extra capacity!