Google Rewards Employees With G1 Android Phones

Google is renowned to offer high-end Christmas holiday bonuses to its employees, but this year the search engine giant is giving its employees mobile handsets instead of cash bonuses.

Breaking the trend, Google will be offering unlocked G1 Android powered handsets to its employees as Christmas bonuses, instead of the much rumoured USD 1000 cash bonuses.

The move seems to be in line with its chief exec Eric Schmidt's assertion about controlling expenses, and adding fewer jobs, owing to nominal growth of advertising industry in ongoing global economic crunch.

Upholding its decision of offering G1 handsets as year-end bonuses, the company avowed that it hasn't developed anything like Android software before, and the handsets are being offered to mark the celebration for the achievement.

In addition, the California-based search giant also stated that it is being conservative in spending money, due to the current slump in global economy.

Google has apparently handed out the G1 mobile handsets to about 85 percent of its workforce worldwide in place of cash bonuses, according to sources.

The $179 G1 handset powered by Google's Android software is undoubtedly an incredible handset, but the gift loses its sheen when it is compared to the bonuses worth $20,000 to $30,000, which the employees at Google had received in past years.

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Our Comments

So even Google is cutting back on expenses and chose to give "cheap" G1 smartphones compared to the thousands of dollars it would normally hand out to its employees. Call it prudence but too much of it could sap the morale the morale of employees.

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