Mozilla Announces Firefox Mobile Browser Codenamed Fennec

Mozilla on Tuesday released a new updated alpha version of its mobile Firefox browser Fennec that would be available for the OS2008 platform that powers the Nokia Internet Tablet.

However, users who don't have Nokia Internet Tablet can also try out the new version of Fennec browser, as it can also be installed on Windows, Linux and OS X platforms.

The new version, codenamed "Fennec alpha 2", is claimed to offer enhanced browsing speeds and performances, especially for zooming purposes, and enables developers to build extensions for the mobile web browser easily.

In addition to the erstwhile capabilities of the browser, the new version is equipped with several capabilities, including better response while loading the pages, enhanced zooming and panning, content manipulation hooks that can be used by extension authors.

Besides, the new version also sports a neater appearance that would further assist users in easy navigation of its features and capabilities.

The new updated version of the browser is an improvement over variety of Fennec's existing features and it includes integrated phishing protection, an improved URL bar - also tagged as "awesome bar" - with integrated search, tabbed browsing with thumbnail view, and ability to query various search engines.

The new release is likely to help Mozilla's effort to snare some substantial share in rapidly growing Mobile web browsing market, which according to recent reports from Opera has grown incredibly by 463 percent over the last year.

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Our Comments

Fennec is Mozilla's answer to Internet Explorer Mobile, Android, Safari and Opera. It is up against tough competition, even tougher than on the desktop where its alter ego occupies 20 percent or so of the market. The release of Fennec albeit in its Alpha version bodes well for Mozilla though.

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