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Sony's New PCG-1P1L Netbook To Run Vista Ultimate?

Chances are that the new Sony Vaio P (P for Pocket) that the Japanese CE giant is gearing up to launch early next year will be the most expensive Netbook ever (ed: if it still qualifies for the term netbook that is).

Sony has given a small clue as to what we can expect on its Japanese website, with a flash teaser which shows a lady taking out an envelope which opens up to say that a new VAIO laptop is coming out soon.

Obviously, the envelope cue refers to Apple's Macbook Air which is the current holder of the world's thinnest laptop, something that Sony could well try to challenge soon.

Strangely enough, the laptop will apparently be designed for Windows Vista Ultimate and will sport some breathtaking specs according to a screenshot of a teaser page (no longer available on Sony's US Homepage) published by JKontherun and which says "it fits in a pocket" in reference to the laptop.

The Netbook will come with a 1.33GHz Intel CPU (Maybe the Atom Z520 or the more powerful Core 2 Duo ULV U7700); a 8-inch LED backlit display capable of showing 1600x768 pixels (ed: that's a weird 25:12 aspect ratio rather than the usual 16:10 widescreen, giving a screen size of 18.32cm x 8.79cm and a resolution of 221dpi, in comparison the iPhone has a resolution of 160dpi), a 60GB hard disk drive or 128GB SSD, a choice of Windows Vista Home Premium or Basic and at least 2GB memory.

Based on US regulatory filing, the computer will be around 22cm x 11cm and is likely to have a bigger than average (at least for the form factor) keyboard. The PCG-1P1L will be available in Champagne Gold, Crimson red and Black Silk colours.

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Our Comments

Although no official pricing has been leaked, the feature list is so high end that we expect it to be on sale for around £1000 at least, which would certainly make it the most expensive laptop, at least by weight and will compete more in the UMPC rather than in the netbook category.

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