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T-Mobile Launches £25PM Asus EEE PC904HD Netbook + Broadband Bundle

T-Mobile ends 2008 on a high note as it introduces a netbook/mobile broadband deal that is more than a match in the increasingly crowded "Netbook bundle" arena.

The Deutche-Telekom owned company is giving out a free Asus EEE PC904HD laptop with a free USB modem stick, 3GB monthly fair use amount, 200 free texts and WiFi Spot access for only £25 per month on a 24-month contract. Download speed is expected to reach up to 4.5mbps.

The laptop comes with a 8.9-widescreen display, an Intel Atom processor, 1GB RAM, a 80GB HDD, WiFi, a card reader, Windows XP Home and a webcam. Should you want other laptops, T-Mobile is expected to launch two other models fairly soon.

Mobile today reported that Acer, the original laptop supplier to T-Mobile, had to be replaced by Asus as it failed to provide with the required number of laptop.s This leaves O2 as the only major mobile phone network without any netbook + mobile broadband package although tihis is unlikely to last for long.

Carphonewarehouse has a cheaper deal from 3 mobile which gives you a lower-specced EEEPC 701 with 5GB download allowance (and a slower download speed) for only £19 PM.

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Our Comments

The offer (opens in new tab) is part of a six-pack deal that debuted on Boxing day including a contract with a 5-megapixel Sony camera available for only £20 per month which according to T-mobile can be used as a modem. Tethering at T-Mobile, that's a welcome news. If they allow Skype on their network, that would be fantastic.

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