AT&T Selling $99 Refurbished iPhone, O2 Following Suit?

AT&T has started to sell refurbished iPhone 3G with the 8GB model costing only $99 and the 16GB twice as much, both of which are only available online for a limited period. And there are rumours that O2 is offering reconditioned iPhones for free on their Pay Monthly tariffs.

AT&T's offer is valid when taking out a two year contract. The phones may have minor scratches since they have been lightly used in many cases and the AT&T's website carry a rather unclear statement saying that the phones are covered with a warranty of 90 days or more, which bodes an interesting question. What happens if you phone fails after the 91st day of usage?

The website also mentions that there's an extra $50 off until the end of this year although it fails to say whether the price has already been included (in which case the refurbished phone will cost $149 in 2009) or if it hasn't (in which case the phone will cost $49 until the end of the year).

There is also a rumour circulating on the web that O2 is offering reconditioned iPhones for free on O2's own iPhone Pay monthly tariffs which starts at £30 per month. The offer is apparently only available for existing customers and can be obtained by calling O2's upgrade center, asking for a "Reboxed iPhone".

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Our Comments

Refurbished are great when they work. All second hand iPhones will have been thoroughly tested by Apple and although the AT&T website is not clear enough when it comes to the duration of the warranty, we expect it to be at least 12 months. Stocks are likely to be limited so better hurry up!

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