Apple Files Patent Application For "Swipe-gesture" Features

Extending the scope of touchscreen gesture-based swipe system beyond its latest range of Macbooks, Apple Inc. is all set to bring the same into its blockbuster iPhone device, according to reports.

The US Patent and Trademark Office has disclosed a patent application from Apple, depicting that the company is developing something it refers to as ‘Swipe Gestures’, which is said to be used on touchscreen mobile platforms.

As per the application, authored by Westerman, the gesture-based swipe system would enable users to “perform certain functions using swipes across the key area rather than tapping particular keys”.

The thought behind developing such technology is to empower the phone to figure out and interpret general swipe movements, instead of being restricted to touches of some particular keys.

The application suggests four common swipe movements for the device, such as up movement for Caps/Shift, down swipe for Enter/Return, right for space, and left for backspace.

All of these four commonly used swipes could bolster the user-keyboard interaction, with its ability to complement the “locate the key and tap it” feature.

The combination of various swipes could help in performing a variety of actions, like inserting symbols, block of texts, emailing any document, and a lot more.

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Our Comments

Swipe Gestures could well appear in iPhone version 4 (and, cross... fingers... in version 3) and do remind us of Opera's browser gestures. The key functionality that will win the day, as far as Gestures are concerned, is multi touch. That said, Windows Mobile and even Palm have had swiping gestures for some time as far as we remember.

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