LG Launches Dual SIM Capable KS660 Touchscreen Smartphone

The KS660 from LG is one of the first Dual SIM high end smartphones to be put on the market by one of the mainstream manufacturers, a feature that tends to be present on dubious clone smartphones sold in Asia.

Although it won't go one as a memorable piece of technology, the KS660 is packed with enough features to make it a popular phone like the N95. Having 2 SIM cards means that you could potentially use two PAYG cards, one for texts only and the other for phone calls.

The 3-inch 400x240 pixels touchscreen - which unfortunately needs a stylus to work - will serve the integrated media player quite well and although there's only 50MB memory onboard, the microSD slot should more than compensate for this, supporting up to 4GB memory (although we expect this to be much much more).

Other noteworthy features include a FM radio, a video recorder, Bluetooth 2.0, USB supporot, Tri GSM band, a 5-megapixel camera with Autofocus but no WiFi and only 2.5G edge.

This model is likely to be a hit in emerging nations like Brazil, Russia, China and India. Not so much in industrialised countries where 3G penetration is much higher. The KS660's price and availability have yet to be announced.

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Our Comments

Yet another touchscreen from LG. The Korean company has the knack to make quality touchscreen mobile phones at affordable prices. If LG manages to get Android to work on something as classy as the KS660, then expect a glut of new (or at least updated) mobile phones to appear.

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