Next Version of the Mac OS X "Snow Leopard" Pops Up

It seems that Apple is geared up to introduce next iteration of its OS X, tagged as “Snow Leopard” with a German website releasing some screenshots of finalized version of the same.

The new operating doesn’t seem to include any striking changes in terms of flashy appearance, but it largely focuses on refinement in speed, stability, and power management.

The most noteworthy change in the new version of the OS that is expected bring down the amount of space the operating systems typically used to occupy on a users’ hard drives.

While a number of applications run in 64-bit mode, the screenshot depicts that the Network Preferences need to be restarted in 32-bit mode, so as to access the Network Panel.

Incidentally, this 32-bit compatibility of Network Panel paves way for the rumours that Apple is “dropping support for non-Intel machines”, and perhaps even 32-bit processors of Intel with its new version of the OS X.

However, the screenshot could also imply that whoever captured the screenshot doesn’t have a 64-bit compatible version of the preference panel installed.

Restarting operating systems for changing modes would definitely be annoying to users, and hence, Apple should promptly take action to resolve the issue, if it is there.

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Our Comments

The German website that originally came up with the story is currently down. This could be an indication that the story is indeed genuine - and that Apple's lawyers paid a visit to their offices or sent them a cease and decease letter. Someone by the name of Paul Chapel, provided even more details about the whole story in Engadget's comments.

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