2009 : The Year Of Connected Smartphones

The year 2008 has been the year of smartphones, with a large number of devices, such as iPhone 3G, Google’s Android powered G1, Nokia N97, and Blackberry Storm, launched during the last 12 months.

In addition, the year has also seen the introduction of a couple of electronic ecosystems so as to make most out of these advanced mobile handsets.

Andrew Bud, director of Mobile Entertainment Forum and Mblox’s chairman, described 2008 as “a goodish year” for mobile industry, with a number of innovative smartphones had “knock-on” effect over the mobile market.

These technically advanced handsets were frequently used for browsing the internet, especially social networking websites, like Facebook, Bebo, MySpace, etc, Mr. Bud added.

The launch of such high-end devices also paved way for a large number of mobile applications, for instance, Apple purported that a whopping 100 million apps had been downloaded from its App Store during the period of July to September.

Steven Hartley, Ovum’s chief analyst, stated that 3G technology has really started to deliver, and attributed the success of 3G to the use of High Speed Packet Access (HSPA) technology.

However, the situation is a bit dicey, as the popularity of these devices has brought a number of problems along with it, like growing bandwidth demand which are expected to become acute in the upcoming year.

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Our Comments

Smartphones are the ultimate converging machines as they bring together so many functionalities; from being a watch and a voice recorder to a web browser and a video player. Falling prices and ever improving performance means that by next year, Smartphones will have the same power as a Pentium II computer which back then cost £1000.

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