Carphone Warehouse Bundles Asus EEE PC With Broadband For £19 PM

Carphone Warehouse is now giving away free Asus EEE PC laptops with its popular £19 mobile broadband package instead of the more powerful (and arguably more expensive) WebBook 10.2-inch laptop.

The Asus EEE PC 701 is less powerful than T-Mobile's Asus EEE 904HD laptop in their £25 but Carphone Warehouse offers a higher fair usage download amount (5GB rather than 3GB) and Carphone Warehouse users will save up to £144 over the duration of their contracts (two years).

The PC701 is a nice little laptop weighing under 1Kg, with a 7-inch screen, a webcam, 512MB memory and 8GB SSD, making it more portable than the EEE 904HD and certainly more durable.

3 Mobile broadband service allows download speeds of up to 2.8mbps compared to T-Mobile's 4.5mbps and gives you 100 texts rather than 200 for the other deal. Both laptop come with Windows XP, integrated WiFi and a card reader.

Interestingly, this offer is exclusive to Carphone Warehouse; Three's cheapest laptop offer will set you back £30 per month but you will get a proper "traditional" laptop, a HP 550, with Windows Vista Home Basic and a huge 15.4-inch screen. The broadband deal is available here.