Microsoft's Patent To Make PAYG Computing Mainstream

In a bid to make computing more cost-effective, Microsoft Corp. last week has applied for a patent application on a pay-as-you-go computing concept, according to which users would be charged on the basis of their usage of software, hardware, and other services.

As per the patent application filed with the US Patent and Trademark Office, the “Pay-As-You-Go Computing Model” would gauge software and hardware use, and required fee would be charged on billed account or prepaid basis.

"Rentable" hardware devices could include graphics controller, memory modules, processors, etc, while rented software could involve database access, web browsing, word processing, emailing, and many more.

The application spells that the new model would present flexible and cheaper proposition than buying computer system and software that may or may not address an individual’s requirements over the entire life span of the system.

In its application, Microsoft said that the model would offer need-based usage of software and hardware components to its users.

The software giant elucidated the concept by saying, “When the need is browsing, a low level of performance may be used and when network-based interactive gaming is the need of the moment, the highest available performance may be made available to the user”.

Discussing about various bundles, Microsoft asserted that a gaming bundle could cost $1.25 per hour, an Office bundle $1 an hour, and internet browsing bundle could priced at $0.80 per hour.

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Our Comments

Utility computing is more than a decade old; the technology has been through ups and downs but Google, Amazon and now Microsoft seem to have solved issues that have been long associated with Cloud computing, an essential component of the concept of Utility computing. The current economic crisis could provide with the best opportunity for Utility computing to finally become mainstream.

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