Sony Chooses Foxconn and Asus To Manufacture Xperia X2

The much awaited successor to Sony Ericsson’s stylish smartphone Xperia X1, which is tentatively being referred to as Xperia X2, is expected to hit the floor sometime in late 2009, but it won’t be manufactured by HTC, according to sources.

Rumours suggested that some of the relatively smaller names in the industry are among the favourites to acquire the contract for the new handset.

Sources further reported that Sony Ericsson is in final talks with three companies, including FIH (Foxconn International Holdings) and Pegatron, a manufacturing arm of Asus for manufacturing the new handset.

The deal with any one of the three prospective partners is expected to be closed by the end of the first quarter of 2009, with the Windows-mobile powered handset is said to be launched by the end of 2009, the sources added.

However, the reports asserted that HTC won’t be considered for the handset project this time, due to some undisclosed reasons.

Incidentally, Sony reportedly has had some quality issues with the device that ultimately resulted into the switch from HTC to other manufacturers, the sources quoted.

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Our Comments

Most of us do not know that only a handful of manufacturers actually build mobile phones. Outsourcing production has its problems as Sony Ericsson found out with HTC. Foxconn and Pegatron do however have the necessary expertise to satisfy even the most demanding customers (like Apple).

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