LG Releases LCD TV With 0.5KHz refresh Rate

LG on Tuesday announced that it is all set to unleash 480 Hz LCD TV panels in the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas scheduled for next month.

Dubbed as “Trumotion 480 Hz”, the new LCD panel will be equipped to deliver incredible refresh rate of 480 frames per second, and has a remarkable response time of 4-milliseconds, the company claimed.

Owing to remarkable refresh rate and nominal response time, the TV is said to offer “crystal clear” images of fast moving objects, such as racing cars, which usually trigger motion blur on LCD TVs.

In a bid to produce better images, LG’s new panels incorporate “scanning backlight” technology, which allows the backlight on an LCD panel to be turned off and on repeatedly, so as to minimize motion blur.

In addition, this 480 Hz panel further incorporates a couple of advanced features, including ability to create more contrast and enhanced brightness levels, along with the feature to alter backlight brightness for minimized power consumption.

The panel is expected to cruise into the US market in second half of the next year, while first prototype of the panel will be displayed in Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas in January.

However, LG didn’t discuss the pricing details of different display sizes yet.

Our Comments

LG leapfrogged its rivals with a super high refresh rate LCD and brought in some fresh ideas (and technologies). How will the technology pan in a recession hit market which now seems to prefer cheap, no frill brands to uber expensive ones?

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