UK Housewives Spend Nearly Half Their Leisure Time Online

A survey carried out by market intelligence firm TNS Global Interactive amongst more than 27500 people across 16 industrialised countries showed that UK housewives spend nearly half of their leisure time online.

Overall, Asian countries lead the pack; Chinese on average spend 44 percent of their leisure time surfing the net, followed closely by South Koreans, 40 percent and Japanese 38 percent.

Amongst European countries, people in Italy spend 31 percent of their leisure time online while Britons on average spend 28 percent doing the same thing.

North European countries - Norway, Netherlands, Sweden, Finland and Denmark - closed the list with Danish and Finns would spend only a sixth of their time on the internet.

Presumably, there are other worthy leisure activities in these cold countries apart from surfing the net and trying to socialise online, an aspect that was also included in this "Digital World, Digital Life" poll.

The fact that housewives spend nearly half of their spare time surfing the web is quite surprising given that as a group, they surpass even the "unemployed" segment.

UK respondents say that one quarter of their friends were web-only friends with whom they never interacted and had on average 17 online friends and 17 friends who they first met online.

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Our Comments

It would be interesting to find out whether the housewives and unemployed were considered to be "home workers" since the results in the survey are given in percentage and not in absolute values (hours and minutes).

Working shifts are notoriously longer in Asia than in the rest of the world, which in turn means that they have less time for leisure. This means that a unit time spent by a Japanese person would account for a higher percentage compared to others.

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