Apple To Bring Major Upgrades to iMovie, iWork

Rumours are swirling that Apple will be offering some notable upgrades to its iMovie application at the upcoming Macworld next week.

As per the reports, Apple’s iMovie application will turn out to be a web-based application, and the company would provide its users “upload your movies to us and edit them there”.

However, it’s not clear that if the application is turning out to be entirely web-based, or if the company is rolling out a “Cloud” component to its erstwhile iMovie application.

While the Cloud format of the application would enable its users to view their favourite movies on their iPhones and iPod Touch devices, the web-based application simply means that it would reach a large number of potential customers, including some of the Windows users.

Apple has revamped the application earlier, but it didn’t serve the purpose at all, as a number of users reacted negatively, with some of them even claimed that “it was a step backward”.

Back in August 2007, when the iMovie application was introduced, it received a number of customer complaints that ultimately made Apple to offer its iLife ’08 customers to download the prior version, dubbed as “iMovie HD 6”, entirely free of any charge.

In addition, rumours also indicate that Apple is all set to launch the Cloud component of its iWork application in the next week’s Macworld.

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Our Comments

It looks as if Apple is going to concentrate on making its software applications/platform even better for 2009, starting with Macworld 2009. The current economic conditions means that people will not be expected to splash thousands on a laptop or a brand new computer. Cheaper (software) upgrades though might not be totally out of the picture though, especially if they bring about significant performance improvement.

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