Apple Mac OS Reaches 10 percent of Operating System Market

Beating its own market share records, Apple’s Mac OS X has registered a remarkable surge in terms of web traffic in the month of December, showing a rise to 9.6 percent as compared to 8.6 percent for November, according to reports.

As per the recent reports from Net Applications, Apple has achieved significant growth in web traffic, while Microsoft’s share in the domain is declining continuously.

The figure of 9.6 percent share is an all time high for the company, and it marked a notable rise of 32 percent for the same period just a year before, when it had a market share of 7.3 percent.

In addition, its iPhone had also been a success story in terms of attracting web traffic, and with 0.44 percent market share, it has emerged as the favourite non-desktop operating system.

Despite losing some of its share to Apple, Windows continues to enjoy lion’s share in the market, and has registered an unmatched 88.68 percent web hits in the month of December.

With 0.85 percent share, Linux operating system has managed to attain the third spot in the list, followed by other free open-source operating systems, including FreeBSD and AIX.

Quoting Apple’s success in holiday season, Fortune noted, “Hidden in these monthly figures are the sharp spikes recorded by Apple’s mobile devices around the holidays”.

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Our Comments

Two trends that emerged from the Net Applications Analysis. Firstly, 2008 was not the year of Linux on Desktop. The Open Source operating system has a tiny 0.85 percent market share, which is only twice the amount reached by the iPhone. That's the second trend that emerged. Expect the market share of non desktop operating systems to surge this year.

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