Firebox Sells World's First 3D Webcam

Online Gadget retailer Firebox is selling what it calls the first 3D webcam int he world and it is available for only £49.95; the Minoru even comes with five pairs of 3D glasses (ed : when will they have stylish 3D glasses?)

The webcam looks like a single legged red-aced alien with arms protruding. Minoru works the trick by combining two USB webcams altogether and adjusting the red and blue levels to create a near perfect 3D video stream.

Obviously, the trick works best if the other party also has a similar webcam. Minoru is compatible with existing messaging programs like MSN or Skype and you can always upload pictures of your antics on Youtube.

Don't try to convert a 2D movie into a 3D one using this technique though or you could be in for a rather nasty headache. Minoru can still be used as a 2D webcam if you or your friends do not have the glasses.

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Our Comments

Buy it while you can. The Minoru webcam will be launched at CES Las Vegas and has already won the Fans Favorite award.

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