HP Showcases Firefly Concept Laptop with Dual LCD

In the build up to the International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, HP has showed a concept laptop - nicknamed Firefly - that is geared towards gamers and forms part of the Voodoo brand.

The laptop has some unique features that should trickle down to HP's other laptops and portable devices in the forthcoming months; at 13-pounds, the laptop is more of a desktop replacement that comes with a massive power supply built like a tank and capable of supplying 170w (yes 170w) of power at full load.

Firefly seems to be using a 20-incher enclosure (not unlike HP's own Pavilion HDX9000 20-inch laptop), has 17.1-inch LCD screen capable of displaying 1920x1200 pixels PLUS a smaller 4.3-inch one situated underneath and displaying 800x480 pixels.

Other features include a Creative labs X-Fi audio card supporting Dolby, an Intel Core 2 Extreme processor running at 2.4GHz, 4GB RAM, two ATI Mobility Radeon HD 3870 GPUs running in CrossFire mode plus a 250GB 7200rpm hard disk drive - the configuration, according to Laptopmag, is enough to run Far Cry 2 at the highest resolution.

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Our Comments

The stylish Fujitsu N7010 laptop launched in November 2008 also came with a 4-inch touchscreen situated on top of the keyboard. One feature that happened to be well thought of is the night visiion webcam that switches in low/no light. However left-handed people will be left out it seems as its multi touch (yes multi touch) trackpad is placed on the right.

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