iPhone Dev Team Releases Yellowsn0w Unlock Software

The cat and mouse game between iPhone hackers and Apple has taken a new interesting turn, as the hackers have unlocked the device from the shackles of AT&T.

Presenting an incredible New Year gift to the iPhone owners who simply don’t want to be restricted to AT&T network, iPhone hackers have unleashed a software, tagged as “Yellowsn0w”, which is now available as free download for the users.

In addition, the software could also be useful to the residents of the places where AT&T’s network is not available yet.

A part of the iPhone developer team met at the 25th Chaos Communication Congress, the team members Planetbeing, Pytey, Bushing, and Musclenerd, in conjunction with several anonymous Russian speakers, have demonstrated the way of unlocking and jailbreaking the device in a one hour presentation.

While discussing the unlocking procedure, the hackers kicked-off their demonstration with describing iPhone’s basic design, its boot sequence and baseband, and all such entities that were required to unlock the iPhone.

The iPhone dev team discussed the various exploits they used for the purpose, which differed starkly from the efforts required for first- and second-generation handsets, along with the manner the unlock code executes, and the method of delivering payload.

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Our Comments

Still in Beta, that's the early feedback we got from a couple of iPhone users. Still, Apple must be secretly enthused by the fact that so many bright minds have come together to break the iPhone. The fact that Apple has not started a legal battle against those hacking iPhone illustrates perfectly the company's stand. Tolerate, not support.

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