New Year Bug Causes Microsoft's Zune Player To Fail

Microsoft Corp. announced on Thursday that the leap year issue in its Zune music players has been resolved, and the device is now functioning properly.

Incidentally despite a fix posted by the software company on its Zune support website, some users are still complaining about the glitch in their 30-GB Zune players causing the device to freeze, self reboot, and lock up.

Brian Eskridge, a Microsoft’s spokesperson asserted that on the basis of customers’ responses and reviews from online message forums, affected users were not experiencing issues any further with the device after recharging them fully.

“It worked for me and it seems like it's working for customers. From the limited time I've looked on the forums, it seems customers have had good success with it” Eskridge added.

Earlier on last day of 2008, a large number of the 30-GB Zune players reported a glitch in their devices, attributed to a bug the internal clock driver of the player that was linked to how the player handles one extra day during leap year.

The issue made a number of users to send complaining emails to online Zune support, and the company received as many as 2,500 messages by Wednesday afternoon.

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Our Comments

The son of the Millennium bug seems to have struck again. The Zune has not been as successful has some had expected and this new problem won't make marketing easier. It is not yet "Blue Screen Of Death" but the fact that a company like Microsoft did not plan for a leap year boggles the mind.

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