Rumour Mill : Quanta Confirms Apple & Sony As Netbook Clients?

The last paragraph published in the respected Taiwan Economic News claims that contract manufacturer Quanta is "expected to add Sony and Apple as clients for the contract manufacture of Netbook computers in 2009."

Quanta builds netbooks for a number of companies including Acer, Lenovo, HP and BenQ but its vice chairman and president C.C. Leung is preparing for the worse expecting zero growth year on year as even the red hot Netbook segment isn't spared by the global recession.

The company is expected to sell 37 million units in 2008 and enrolling Sony and Apple could be crucial if Quanta wants to smash these shipment figures by next year.

Sony and Apple are the only two remaining popular notebook manufacturers that have yet to launch Netbooks.

Asus and Acer are the most successful Netbook brands according to, the world`s largest online retail chain and both company expect their netbooks to help them reach combined projected sales of 24 million units in 2009.

Quanta is a major partner for Apple having manufactured everything from iPods, iPhones, Apple iMac and Macbooks for the technology company.

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Our Comments

Quanta to build Netbooks for Apple and Sony? I won't be holding my breath on this one. Both Apple and Sony cater for niche segments which are less sensitive to the current credit crunch and they currently have product lines that could be endangered by the release of a "cheaper" Netbook. But if things go pear shaped (or if their competitors do really well), then expect Netbooks from both companies to be release as early as June 2009.

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