US & UK To Get Paid Android Market Apps In Q1 2009

Android developers have apparently received an email from Google in which plans to roll out so-called "priced applications" on Android market in US and United Kingdom within a few weeks.

The email, published by Talkandroid and sent by Eric Chu of Google, also says that Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, France, Italy and Spain would be next as local payment systems are set up.

Android Market will also be released in a number of countries including Germany, Austria, the Czech Republic and the Netherlands in the first quarter of 2009 with other European countries following.

Google will also push Android in other Asian countries and Martin Drashkov, an Android Developer who received the email, believes that the launches will, like in the case of Apple, coincide with the release of Android phones (not necessarily from T-Mobile though).

That might be an issue since developers will have to cater for a heterogeneous crowd compared with Apple's one-size-fits-all iPhone and cover both existing Android phones and future ones.

Android's Market rise has been less than stellar primarily because of the lack of paid for applications but that should change as Google allows developers to charge for their code.

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Our Comments

Apple has recently disclosed that more than 300 million apps have been downloaded since the release of iTunes' App Store; developers on App store get to keep 70 percent of their revenues while Google has already pledged not to skim any profits off from the developers.

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