Nokia Targets Chinese Market With New 6208c Smartphone

The world's largest mobile phone manufacturer, Nokia, has unveiled a new mobile phone, the Nokia 6208c, which has been designed specifically for the huge Chinese market.

The mobile, which comes with a smallish 2.4-inch touchscreen (capable of displaying 240x320 pixels), carries a stylish stylus which Nokia claims has been inspired by bamboo slips, often used in China.

Other traditional cues include a screen modelled after an ink stone used in Chinese art and culture as well as support for a number of different languages and characters. Nokia has used premium materials like stainless steel to build the phone and the first pictures of the phone shows that the device's glossy delicate finish could well be a selling point.

The 6208c comes with a full alphanumeric keyboard, a 3.2 megapixel camera, two LED flashes, a 3.5mm headphone input, Bluetooth 2.0, support for up to 8GB memory and a 4x digital zoom.

Expect it to bear a resistive (rather than a capacitive) screen and to run on Nokia's S40 platform (therefore becoming the first to support touchscreen input). The phone is expected to be sold in China and other selected markets by the end of June 2009.

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Our Comments

The 6208c is not Nokia's first phone to target the Chinese market, the 6708 and the 6108 have already been released. It will not be surprising that Nokia continues the trend in 2009 with even more phones ending with lucky number "8".

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