RIM's Blackberry Bold May Be Pulled By Orange

Both the Telegraph and the Guardian are porting that the mobile phone Operator Orange is mulling plans to remove RIM's Blackberry Bold's smartphone amidst concern about its reliability and a slew of customer complaints.

According to both UK news outlets, Bold users have experienced "unexplained crashes, poor reception and irregular dropping of calls", all of which lead to a much higher rate of return, compared to the industry average.

It is not the first time that Orange suspended Blackberry Bold deliveries. The France Telecom owned company stopped selling Bold temporarily back in October amidst software concerns.

Orange has declined to comment on the rumours while RIM succinctly replied to Guardian saying that the smartphone is still available both online and instore, together with the Curve and the Pearl.

The root of the issue according to BoyGenius lies within the buggy RIM OS, which back in October was a while the current OS should be running at Orange could also have decided to upgrade its firmware. Crackberry has already spotted version on the web which means that Orange Bold users are seriously behind the curve.

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Our Comments

The Bold is not the first RIM phone to have come under heavy scrutiny and criticisms in the past few months. The Blackberry Storm was ridiculed by Technogeek and Twitter legend Stephen Fry. Let's hope that 2009 will be a much better year for RIM. There are already rumours about a forthcoming mainstream Touchscreen smartphone codenamed Pluto.

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