£11.99 PNY PC5300 2GB Laptop/Desktop Memory Delivered

Play.com is offering the PNY PC5300 (runs at 667Mhz and available in DDR2 format) computer memory either in desktop or in laptop format, both for only £11.99 including VAT and delivery.

PC or laptop seems slow; Are you running Microsoft Vista? Or do you use a lot of applications? - PCs need a minimum of 2GB RAM to operate in today's climate!

Plug in the Power of PNY by Upgrading today! Note that this memory can be used in PC2-4300 computers as well. 240-pin memory modules are available for desktop and 200-pin memory modules will be compatible with laptops.

Memory modules from PNY come with a 10 year warranty and are available over here - laptop memory module - or here as desktop memory module. This is the fastest way to improve your computer's performance without having to spend a lot.