Blu-ray Sales Grow Faster Than DVD

In spite of the ongoing slump in the global economy, a striking growth in Blu-ray sales was observed during the holiday season, according to the recent claims from British Video Association.

Using the info provided by Official Charts Company, BVA claimed “that the home entertainment market is alive and kicking, despite difficult trading conditions across the entire retail sector”.

The trade body further notified that the Blu-ray sales achieved a new high during this Christmas, with as many as 1.5 million disc sold in the month of December alone, registering a noteworthy rise of 400 percent against the same period last year.

The figures are hardly surprising, as this Christmas observed a notably higher proportion of the people had access to a full-fledged Blu-ray player, a PlayStation 3 console, or a notebook or desktop integrated with Blu-ray drive, than did so the festive season in 2007, BVA report added.

Depicting the users’ inclination towards high-quality sound and picture in home, there were around 3.7 million Blu-ray formats sold in the year 2008.

The Dark Knight leads the league of Blu-ray titles, with a whopping 281,000 copies of the movie sold since it was launched in the format three weeks ago.

With considerable sales growth registered during the Christmas season, Blu-ray has established as the most preferred choice for the next generation home entertainment, BVA report noted.

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Our Comments

It is still early days for the Blu-ray format and even if the HD-DVD camp has been defeated, the war is not over. Many still find it difficult to swap their huge DVD collections for a brand new format that offers little more than extra resolution. Furthermore, the rise of online HD video distribution (,,, iPlayer) could cause many to rethink about investing into new shiny coasters.

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