Google Android Now Runs On Netbooks

With the reports that a duo successfully porting Google’s Android operating system to an Asus Eee PC doing rounds, it seems that the search giant is all geared up to venture into the domain of operating systems this year.

Daniel Hartmann and Matthäus Krzykowski, who own a start-up firm named “Mobile-facts”, notified in a post that they assembled Google’s Android platform for an Asus Eee PC 1000H netbook in just four hours.

The duo claimed that the Android operating system could be used, as a well-backed open source platform, by a number of Silicon Valley software companies to build more advanced software applications.

Upholding the significance of Android as a prospective operating system in future, the duo wrote, “Now think of Chrome, Google's Web browser, and the richness it allows developers to build into the browser's relationship with the desktop--all of this could usher in a new wave of more sophisticated Web applications, cheaper and more dynamic to use”.

The authors further claimed that Intel, as a member of Open Handset Alliance, is also collaborating with Google to help the adoption of Android operating system on notebooks.

Now, with the Qualcomm already claimed to have a prototype Netbook powered by Linux, on top of its flagship Snapdragon processors, it will be interesting to see whether the company join forces with Google to use its Android platform for powering its much-touted netbook.

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Our Comments

Back when Android was launched, we were convinced that the platform could be used to power computers and more specifically Netbooks. Indeed, we find it quite surprising that Google did not push Android as an alternative to Windows XP in the first place. Expect Android-powered netbooks to flood the market by the end of the year, especially if Google provides with "some incentives".

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