Internet Explorer Browser Market Share Decreasing Rapidly Says Net Applications

Internet Explorer’s share in browsers’ market has shrunk considerably, as some of the smaller names in the industry are gradually rising in the domain, according to recent reports from Net Applications.

As per the latest figures from Net Applications for the month of December, IE’s market share plunged to a new low to 68.15 percent, as against 69.77 percent share for November.

Mozilla’s Firefox has emerged as a clear-cut gainer with its share rose to 21.34 percent with as many as 66 percent defectors of IE6 have apparently picked up Firefox for browsing the web.

In addition, Apple’s Safari web browser has touched a new high with 7.93 percent share, and Google’s Chrome registered a notable 1.04 percent share in browser market, the first time Google’s Chrome touched the 1 percent mark since its launch.

The competition in browsers market is heating up, with Google insisting its customers to abandon Internet Explorer 6 for its flagship Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox browsers.

Market share for Internet Explorer is declining since it was at its peak in 2003 at around 94.43 percent market share, even, during the beginning of 2008, IE had a market share of just over 77 percent.

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Our Comments

Microsoft's market share still accounts for more than two thirds of the market, more than 3 times its closest competitor. Chances are that Firefox's growth will be stalled by the growth of Google's Chrome and the new IE8 will provide with a temporary reprieve for Microsoft. And as Mobile browsing will surge in 2009, Microsoft should update its own Internet Explorer mobile browser.

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