Jimmy Wales Keeps Seat At Wikimedia Foundation

Keeping all rumours about ousting of Jimmy Wales from the board of Wikimedia Foundation at bay, the foundation’s director asserted that the Wikipedia founder will continue to hold a key position in the board of Wikimedia Foundation.

Back on Saturday, rumour flared up in the blogosphere that Wales was “out of job”, which came after the Valleywag’s editor Owen Thomas reported that the Wikipedia founder was no longer in the board of the website’s non-profit foundation.

However, Valleywag didn’t quote any sources while asserting that Wales was no longer with the foundation’s board, however, its speculation largely based on the fact that his term, along with other two members, had expired on 31 December 2008.

Rejecting all rumours over the matter, foundation’s director Sue Gardner wrote in his response, “Jimmy is a much-valued board member of the Wikimedia Foundation, and I expect he will hold that role permanently: I know of no reason for anyone to speculate otherwise”.

Incidentally Jay Walsh, director of communications for the foundation, has notified that the term of Wales, in addition to the other two members, has been extended. Meanwhile, Wikipedia has also achieved its fund-raising goal of $6million, which will be enough for the online encyclopedia to keep sustaining through June this year.

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Our Comments

There's no smoke without fire. Rumours of Jimmy Wales ousting may hold some truth however Wikimedia's statement dismisses any doubt about Wales future within the entity. Furthermore, getting rid of someone as iconic as Wikipedia's founder would have been a bad omen which wouldn't happen without any public backlash.

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