MSI Takes On Macbook Air With Super Slim Netbook

MSI combined the best of sub-laptops and netbooks by delivering a super slim laptop called X-Slim 320 which could compete with Apple's own revered Macbook Air laptop.

The netbook is based on the popular Intel Atom processor (the Z530 model running at 1.6GHz) and uses a 13.4-inch LCD, which is much larger than the usual 10.2-inch screens found on more traditional looking netbooks. It is also expected to be powered by a Nvidia chipset rather than the usual Intel 945 subsystem since it should be powering a 1366x768 screen.

Just like the Macbook Air, the X-Slim 320 also has a tapered design allowing it to pack an Ethernet and three USB ports, a card reader as well as a VGA output in a very slim profile. At 1.3Kg, it is slightly heavier than the average netbook and measures 20mm at its thickest point and 6mm at its thinnest.

The netbook (or shall we say laptop) will come optionally with an eight-cell battery pack which will allow it to last for 10 hours, more than twice the usual battery life of netbooks equipped with three-cell batteries. It also comes with embedded 3.5G modem, supports up to 2GB RAM and even includes 802.11n wireless connectivity.

MSI will be demoeing the X-Slim at CES and will release the sub-laptop later this year in black, gold and white colour schemes. The company is expected to release a few more versions of the laptop based around the same chassis. Prices and availability are yet to be confirmed.

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Our Comments

The definition of the Netbook has evolved significantly over the past 18 months, so much so that we now have entry level, mid range and high end models. The X320 is set to be part of this last segment and we expect that will be a roaring success when it will launch.

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