Rumour Mill : Apple to launch "Unibody" 17-inch Macbook Pro

As Apple is gearing up for its upcoming Macworld Expo 2009, rumours relating to revamping in its product-range are doing rounds, and the latest one in this line includes a 17-inch MacBook Pro and Mac mini.

The fresh set of rumours suggest that the company is all set to unleash a 17-inch MacBook Pro, which is said to have a ‘unibody construction’, in Macworld Expo in San Francisco.

The new model is expected to share similarity with its prior 13- and 15-inch models in terms of unibody casings, but unlike these smaller models, the new 17-inch MacBook Pro will incorporate a fixed internal battery, similar to the battery set-up of MacBook Air, the reports claimed.

In addition, rumours also suggested a significant makeover to the Mac Mini that is said to sport the MCP79 Nvidia Chipsets, which Apple used for its refreshed range of MacBooks unleashed in October last year.

Nvidia's MCP79 chipset, which is rumoured to be employed in new 17-inch model, uses the 9400M graphics processor, and is expected to offer an edge over its erstwhile Intel chipsets, in terms of graphics processing power of Mac mini.

Sporting with both mini DVI Connector and MiniDisplay Port, the new Mac mini is expected to come with fifth USB port, and FireWire 800 port.

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The stock markets are more interested with Steve Jobs health rather than Apple's new products. And it shouldn't be surprising that Apple's stocks have risen by nearly five percent at the time of writing and has attracted nearly 1300 articles in the past few hours.

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