Thousands of Emails Could Be Awaiting Office Workers

It has been claimed that your inbox could have as many as 3,000 unread messages queuing up when you return to your work after the refreshing holiday season, which a comms consultancy has coined "Spamalanche".

Technology analysts asserted that the average office employees would have accumulated 450 emails over the Christmas season, with the robust email users would have a whopping 3,000 mails waiting.

In addition, the analysts said that even the ‘light workers’ will have 185 messages waiting to be read, implying that the employees need to waste their crucial work hours in cleaning up their inbox.

While the research suggests 70 percent of those messages will be either unwanted or junk mails, it cautions against the consequences of simply clearing up all the messages.

Quoting the danger of deleting all the messages without reading, Expert Messaging’s Bob Hallewell said in a statement, “Many people will be tempted to adopt the ‘delete all’ strategy when they return to the office, but it’s a hi-risk approach”.

He further avowed that though many people opt for deleting all these messages, but during that course they might end up in deleting several other crucial mails.

In a bid to avoid such deletion of crucial mails, experts suggest the users to assume ‘4D email strategy’ when they get back to work, which includes amassing emails into groups that need to be ‘delegated’, ‘dealt with’, ‘deferred’, and ultimately ‘deleted’.

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Our Comments

Chances are most of those emails are spam emails or phishing attempts as well as system administrator messages (your inbox is full). Today is certainly going to be a tidy-up day as many try to adjust to getting back to a "normal" life.

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