Communication Minister Pledges Universal High Speed Internet

Lord Carter, UK’s newly appointed minister for communications, is expected to present a report, titled as ‘Digital Britain’, sometime later this month, but it is already grabbing the attention of experts.

Some have speculated that the report will revolve around the notion of ensuring speedier broadband access for all UK users.

Edd Dawson, managing director of, asserted that universal broadband coverage will surely form the major component of the report, and said in a statement, “We very much expect his main area of focus to be universal broadband access across the country, and the minimum speed that is often mentioned is 2mbps”.

He further notified that a majority of population across UK have broadband connections that have speeds lower than the required, and the report will focus on the methods of bridging this gap.

Though satellite presents a better solution for the problem, but the issue of ‘lag’ makes it inappropriate for a number of online activities, like gaming.

In addition, analysts also predicted that the report will propose to extend BT’s legal responsibility of providing landline connection to every home, by including other operators in achieving this goal.

Carter also noted that he is mulling over enforcing an all new Universal Service Obligation (USO) so as to ensure broadband for all users in UK.

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Our Comments

Prime Minister Gordon Brown has already expressed support for a British version of the "Marshall plan" that would put rehauling UK's digital infrastructure at its core. So it is unsurprising that Lord Carter wants telecoms companies to push for better quality of service and Universal service obligation, albeit with a little (financial) help from the government.

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