Intel, Adobe Alliance Means More Flash To Come On Big Screens

Intel and Adobe have joined forces to bring in the latter’s flagship Flash software technology on multiple consumer electronics devices, including high definition (HD) TVs and set-top boxes.

The duo will collaborate to fine-tune the Adobe’s Flash Lite and Flash Player with CE 3100 Media processor from Intel, with an aim to launch Flash Lite compatible CE 3100 chip by second half of this year.

The proposed technology would surely offer consumers an enhanced viewing experience of content using HDTVs, Blu-ray disc players, set-top boxes from cable services, and other such audiovisual devices, the duo noted.

William O. Leszinske, junior general manager, Intel’s Digital Home Group, said, “Our effort with Adobe is poised to accelerate a rich yet relevant Internet experience on the TV that will provide consumers with access to a growing number of Flash-based applications”.

The new technology would enable consumers to seamlessly enjoy their favourite content on multiple screens, ranging from MID to laptop, and now TV, Leszinske added.

In addition, Intel and Adobe are also clubbed together for developing processors for Adobe AIR, which allows developers to build advanced web-based applications.

Meanwhile, the chip maker is also collaborating with Yahoo to build Widget Channel, a platform tailored to integrate internet with television.

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Our Comments

Intel has desperately been trying to take over our lounges for years. This could be its best chance yet as it partners with Adobe to bring content on bigger screens. Flash will bring in more powerful user interfaces, increased compatibility with existing development platforms as well as legacy content.

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