Rumour Mill : 1 TB Apple Mac Mini Media Server Coming

A press release from a company points out that Apple is all set to revamp its Mac mini soon, with high storage capacity hard drives that can be as capacious as 1 terabyte.

SeeFile Software, a software firm, has announced a latest iteration of its ‘easy digital media asset management system’ in its latest announcement in Macworld, and asserted that customers can purchase the SeeFile Server software bundled with a new Mac mini.

According to the press release, “Complete bundled server systems including a Mac mini server with 1 terabyte of storage are available”.

While the existing Mac minis sport hard drives with storage capacity up to 160GB, the announcement propelled rumours about 1TB Mac mini announcement very soon.

However, rumours have already been floating about refreshed Mac minis that would offer features for multiple hard drives and RAM, along with new Mini DisplayPort.

In addition, rumours have also suggested that Mac minis would see a couple of changes, such as inclusion of Nvidia chipsets, a FireWire 800 port, fifth USB port, and a mini DVI port.

Besides, there is a possibility that SeeFile’s announcement indicates towards an after market solution, according to which the company may bring upon the required changes in Mac minis themselves.

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Our Comments

A 1TB Mac Mini makes sense. Apple TV - the other video-oriented gizmo from Apple - is currently buying time and a souped-up Mac Mini should make it easier for the company to can the more vulnerable brand. That said, it will depend at what price the Apple sells the new Mac mini. The Apple TV device is currently being sold as an iPod companion, costing around £195 for the entry level model, that's half the price of the lower end Mac mini.

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