Steve Jobs' Hormone Imbalance News Cheers Investors

Steve Jobs has revealed that he is suffering from a "hormone imbalance" which has caused him to lose weight over the past few months; in turn, this has made him look worryingly thin and tired at times.

Apple's iconic CEO has published a letter addressed to the Apple community to dispel any rumours and confirm that although he has a health problem, it is not one which will bring him to the grave.

The hormonal imbalance has apparently "robbed" Jobs of the proteins his body needs to be healthy, a prognosis that was later confirmed by blood tests; Jobs added that he has already begun treatment to solve this "nutritional problem".

He is expected to be up and running, regaining the lost weight by the end of Spring, vowing to stay as Apple's CEO during his recovery. According to Jeremy Laurance, Health Editor at the Independent, hormonal imbalance is a known side-effect of pancreatic cancer.

The news of Steve Jobs acknowledging and clearing out any lasting doubts on his health caused Apple's stock to rise significantly. The stock has gained more than 10 percent since the beginning of the year and is already up in pre-market trading.

Apple is a notoriously secretive company; Jobs only revealed he had pancreatic cancer five years ago only after undergoing surgery to treat it.

Never in a recent pas has the health of a high profile CEO mattered so much. But a traditional company Apple ain't . Steve Jobs can be credited with, single handedly, turning an ailing computer company into one of the biggest and most successful consumer electronics companies in the world.

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Our Comments

If Steve Jobs Health issues are causing that much chaos and concern, one can only guess what will happen when he leaves the company or worse. One can expect Apple shares to tank as soon as it would happen. The same cannot be said of other companies (Microsoft, IBM, HP). One of the most pressing issues at Apple right now is that no one can step in the shoes of Jobs and hit the ground running.

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