Wikipedia Fund Call Raises $6.2 million, Stays Ad-free For Now

Online encyclopedia Wikipedia has ensured its ad-free survival for at least up to the end of this fiscal year, following a successful fund raising campaign from the website.

The Wikimedia Foundation, which runs the website, announced that the website has managed to persuade 125,000 donors worldwide in garnering more than $6.2 million, since the fund raising drive kicked-off in early November.

The website surpassed its goal of raising approximately $6 million to fuel its various operations up to 30 June 2009, with a massive support from more than 125,000 donors across the globe.

Back in December, the website seems to be falling short of its fund raising targets, until the website’s founder Jimmy Wales posted a personal plea for donations to fund its operations until this fiscal.

Providing his personal gratitude to the donors, Wales wrote in his letter, “This campaign has proven that Wikipedia matters to its users, and that our users strongly support our mission: to bring free knowledge to the planet, free of charge and free of advertising.”

In addition, Wales asserted that excessive revenue will be used to fund operations beyond this fiscal year. With the staff strength of 23 workers, Wikipedia is the fourth most visited website on the internet in terms of number of users, according to figures from comScore.

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Our Comments

Wikipedia has won this battle but it is becoming painfully clear that rising costs are taking the toll on the whole Wiki idea. During the heydays, revenues would be flowing in thanks to philanthropic gestures but the current recession means that things have substantially chanced. Even Wikipedia's founder, Jimmy Wales had to personally intervene to encourage donors to part with their money. The fund will help Wikipedia last till until the end of June, indicating that the entity is burning through $1 million per day.

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