Best Buy Now Selling Second Hand iPhones

In order to lure cost-conscious users, Best Buy Co. on Tuesday announced that it is offering cheaper refurbished iPhone 3G devices, at nearly $50 less than the new models.

The consumer electronics chain claimed that the used iPhones, which were returned within a month of purchase, are available at $149 for the 8GB model, while the 16GB version costs $249 only.

New iPhone models have price tags worth $199 and $299, for 8GB and 16GB models respectively.

The announcement from Best Buy comes just a few days after the rival retailing company Wal-Mart Stores began offering iPhones at $197 for 8GB models, and $297 for 16GB models.

Expressing the usefulness of the move for the budget segment, Scott Moore, Best Buy’s VP for marketing, said in a statement, “This is focusing on customers’ needs, trying to provide as wide a range of products and networks for our consumers”.

Moore further notified that such cheap rates of the device would also enable first generation iPhone users to switch on to the better version of the device.

When asked about its competition with Wal-Mart’s prices, Moore said that Best Buy’s move has nothing to do with “other retailers’ actions”.

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Our Comments

Refurbished iPhones were always going to be a hit. Just see the prices of second hand models on Ebay. Refurbished iPhones - which carry Apple's one year warranty - have been sold in the UK in the past through Apple's refurbished store but they are as rare as chicken's teeth. We've also heard that O2 was also offering second hand iPhones as an incentive for those looking to quit the network.

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