Enterprise Deduplication: Tools of the Trade

There is an old saying “a carpenter is only as good as his tools.” The same is true of enterprise deduplication. Using a department or small-business size deduplication technology in an enterprise data center is like trying to roof a house with a tack hammer - slow, highly inaccurate, and very inefficient.

Enterprises-Class Deduplication

Using small deduplication systems in an enterprise data center results in very slow backups, increased complexity, poor restore performance and unexpectedly high capital expense. Enterprises require a different class of technology for several reasons:

- Large backup volume require high performance to maintain backup windows and restore SLAs

- Complex regulations require the ability to choose which data is deduplicated

- Rapid data growth requires high levels of both deduplication efficiency and simple scalability

Power Tools

The so-called inline deduplication used by small deduplication systems are quickly overloaded by enterprise volumes. The most efficient enterprise-class deduplication systems perform the backup and deduplication processes concurrently, enabling them to handle terabytes of data per hour. They also load balance backup and deduplication processing across multiple nodes to handle large volumes at wire speed.

Data deduplicated with small systems has to be reassembled before it can be restored. Truly enterprise-class systems keep a full version of the most recent backup and replace older data with pointers to it. As a result, they can restore data instantly with little or no reassembly.

Pay as You Grow

Scalability is a crucial factor for enterprises. Without it, enterprises need multiple independent systems to get the required performance and capacity. They have to buy complete systems - at significant capital expense - as their data grows.

This not only requires complex management and capacity planning, but also results in lower deduplication efficiency. Enterprises systems enable them to add performance and capacity as needed and to choose which data is deduplicated.

Choosing the right tool for the job can save significant time and money.