Games Industry Records 38 Percent Increase In Sales

Sales of computer and console games have been growing significantly in 2008 according to the Entertainment Retailers Association (ERA) despite the current economic climate and the loss of the industry's biggest player, Entertainment UK.

Computer games were up by 17 percent to reach nearly 83 million while console games sales shot up 28 percent reaching a remarkable 74.3 million units.

Furthermore, the Entertainment and Leisure Software Publishers Association (ELSPA) published figures showing that consumer spending on video game hardware and software smashed the £4 bilion barrier for the first time ever.

Video game sales reached £1.9 billion (which puts the average price of each game at £12), 23 percent more than in 2007 and more than twice the total revenue brought in over the past five years.

The Wii and Nintendo DS grossed £481 million each while Microsoft's Xbox 360 brought in £443 million and Sony's Playstation 3 pulled £334 million.

Hardware sales were also significant reaching more than £1.42 billion with an additional £549 million spent on peripherals such as the Guitar from Guitar Hero or the exercise board from the WiiFit; the figures do not take into account, grey import of compatible peripherals from foreign suppliers.

Furthermore, research by consultancy Firm Deloitte, found that 25 percent of UK households possessed a Nintendo Wii Console with a similar proportion willing to buy one by the end of the year as gaming extends past its traditional audience - hardcore gamers - and embrace a more casual market.

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Our Comments

These are spectacularly good figures and do not hold into account, the booming second hand market or even sales of PC games. Even with piracy or the economic downturn, gaming is still a very "healthy" and financially sound market. And these figures could have been higher if Nintendo's Wii hadn't been hit by so many delays.

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