HP Wants To Produce Big Netbooks; Appeals To Intel

HP is urging Intel to relax its limitations for screen-size the chip giant puts on systems that can employ the Atom processors for netbooks, according to sources.

As of now, Intel’s Atom processor can be used in the netbooks that have screen sizes up to 10.2 inches, sources noted.

HP already has the netbook, tagged as “Mini 1000”, which sports the aforesaid 10-inch screen size, and incorporates the required Atom N270 processor in it.

Currently, Intel doesn’t let its robust Atom processor to be employed in large screen notebooks, as the move would surely hamper the sales of its more profitable CPUs.

However, analysts have predicted that Intel will surely soften its rules, as HP is the leading brand in computer manufacturing domain and it generates hefty sales volume for Intel.

HP is reportedly planning to launch a 13.3-inch netbook, along with an 11.6-inch netbook this year, and both these devices could presumably employ Intel’s Atom processor.

Meanwhile, HP has also unleashed a new addition to its netbook range in the guise of ‘Mini 2140 netbook PC’, which is claimed to be run for up to eight hours on single battery charge.

The computer manufacturer purported that owing to its “six-cell all day battery”, coupled with Intel’s Atom processor, the new netbook keeps running for whole ‘business day’ before it requires recharging.

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Our Comments

If ever HP fails to convince Intel (which is quite unlikely), they could always do as Asus did with the original Asus EEE PC and use a Celeron processor with a reduced speed. Otherwise, why not explore AMD, Via or even ARM solutions That might give Intel some food for thought. Large screen netbooks are not an option, they are a necessity if HP (and others) want to up their market share. The 7-inch EEE PC is now history and no Netbook manufacturers is likely to release one with such a small screen.

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