Rumour Mill : Microsoft To Dish Out Free Windows 7 Upgrades?

Rumours on the blogosphere indicate that Microsoft will provide free Windows 7 upgrades to those users, who purchase Windows Vista PCs after July 2009 (ed : just like they provide free Windows XP for those purchasing Windows Vista).

Malaysian website,, notified that Microsoft is all set to launch a new program that’s akin to its Vista Express Upgrade marketing program, under which the software company offered free or cheaper Windows Vista license to buyers of Windows XP in 2006.

According to the website, the software giant will let OEMs to buy upgrade media for Windows 7 that can be offered to users, who purchase Vista-powered systems on or after 1 July 2009.

The upgrade wouldn’t be offered until the Windows 7 becomes generally available to users; however, Microsoft has still not set the exact date of launch of the software.

Like its prior schemes, the new upgrade program also has some limitations, such as a language iteration of the purchased Vista system can only be upgraded to same language version of Windows 7.

In addition, the program restricts its users to associated edition of upgrade software only, and users can’t access other upgrade paths or supported programs for the purpose. further notified that the program resembles with its previous upgrade program for Windows Vista, in which the company offered free or low-cost Windows Vista upgrade to users who bought Windows XP PCs between October 26, 2006 and March 15, 2007.

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Our Comments

If the rumour is founded, then it will be an interesting tweak. It is likely that Microsoft adopts this strategy to boost numbers. After all, be it Windows XP, Vista or 7, as long as it is a Windows OS, Microsoft will be happy. Furthermore, the users will only be able to use one Operating systems on their computer anyway.

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