T-Mobile Launches Youtube Channel For G1 Android Phone

T-Mobile has launched a sponsored Youtube Channel for its Android Smartphone, the G1, where you will be able to watch video guides related to the most used features of phone in high quality mode.

OpenTMobile has attracted only 75 subscribers despite the presence of a big backer like T-Mobile (and Google) and the most viewed video - about "Getting Started" - has only garnered 2000 views.

21 videos have already been uploaded on the site and the laudable effort seeks to encourage owners to post questions and be inquisitive about their G1 phone.

Staff at T-Mobile and Youtube uses will provide with written and video answers to queries; T-Mobile has also promised to post content, tricks, tips about using the phone.

T-Mobile's head of online Brendon Cooling said that "Launching a channel on YouTube was the next step in order to ensure our customers get the quality of service they deserve," adding that "We're expanding the ways in which our customers can interact efficiently with T-Mobile. This is all about ensuring a positive customer experience."

Results of a survey published this week by research firm NPD group showed that nearly half of US mobile users use thier mobile phones mainly for basic calling functions with only a fifth adventuring into more complicated tasks - sending emails, watching videos or viewing videos.

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Our Comments

Great attempt by T-Mobile to get people talking about the G1 Android phone. Personally, we would certainly have preferred to have a more forthcoming, bottom-up approach like the conversational marketing campaign, wepc.com, created for Intel and Asus around Notebooks.

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