UIQ/Motorola slow motion car crash continues

There will be a point in time I don’t have to concern myself with UIQ, especially as UIQ Tech has gone into administration.

O2 obviously decided to bail out of their remaining UIQ inventory with a knock down shop sale of the now defunct Motorola Z10 at only £80 on Pay as You Go (though O2’s web site still shows the higher price). Though there is no touch screen or WiFi, it does offer some great media features for the price. Some astute buyers are flogging these off at £140 on eBay.

Other bargains should follow, especially the Sony Ericsson G900 with a 5Mpx camera, WiFi and 3G (though no HSPA). As a final cheerio to my favourite touch screen platform (after the iPhone), the G900 would make a good choice for a disposable media phone (well almost).