UK Crime Maps Now Available Online

In a bid to enhance public’s awareness on criminal activities, police forces across England and Wales will begin offering online maps which will portray details about crime patterns prevalent in any particular area.

The maps will depict when and where any criminal activity happened, and they will be updated monthly.

Though the maps will differ from force to force, most of them will show some of the major offences, including robbery, theft, car-crime, and violence, and enable individuals to see whether the crimes are committed in their vicinities.

The maps are also likely to indicate region-wise comparisons of the occurrence of crime with that of the national average, with some forces even present figures for individual streets.

While the ministers are of the view that these online charts will keep the public well-informed, Police Federation cautioned that the maps will help the local criminal intelligence.

Vernon Coaker, Home Office Minister, asserts that these maps provide detailed knowledge about crime patterns and various prone locations to communities.

Upholding the significance of the maps, Mr. Coaker said in a statement, “By empowering people with this information they are able to engage more with their neighbourhood policing teams.”

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Our Comments

A league table for crime, that's what the maps will look like. Although it might be a good idea to instill some competition into policing and law and order, presenting police data in a graphical format might not help combat crime and as the police federation reckons, it might actually have the opposite effect.

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